The New P&L TO THE POINT on the Power of Partnerships and Purpose

The New P&L - Principles & Leadership in Business

08-01-2021 • 10分

Welcome to our first The New P&L TO THE POINT FOR 2021!  The New P&L TO THE POINT is a weekly podcast series where, in around 10 minutes each Friday, we break down the key elements of our weekly The New P&L conversations with industry leaders and entrepreneurs.  We offer an opinion on the key points from the conversations and how our listeners may practically apply them in their businesses.

Today, The New P&L TO THE POINT analyses this week's The New P&L conversation with Hannah Pudner, deputy CEO of international development agency, United Purpose. This episode looks at the power of partnership and purpose and how businesses can reframe the definition of partnership to strengthen the relationship between businesses and their customers. We consider the the importance of purpose in business as a positive binding force and a rallying point for the greater engagement of employees. We also ask what kind of world we want as business people and what we prepared to do to ensure we create a better society and environment for business; as well as considering the real power business leaders have to change the world around them.

If you enjoyed this episode, take a moment to listen to this week's full The New P&L interview with Hannah Pudner - episode 68.

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