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Fearless Parenting

06-04-2021 • 19分

My special guest for this podcast is Lara Gillease.

Lara  shows parents how to guide and teach their child... in a way that is enjoyable for both them and their child. Lara has been an avid learner since she was a child. But learning didn't come easy for her. Struggling to learn drove her to do things that were challenging for her. and focus on becoming good at them. For example, she overcame failing in math to get a degree in mathematics.

But learning was not easy or enjoyable until she learned principles to follow that make it enjoyable and way easier. Lara is a graduate of a brain based learning method since 2000. It's called Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement. She is a teacher for certifying practitioners since 2014. And she works with children helping them learn.... and how to love learning. She teaches parents how to support their child's learning. She has worked with families across the US and in Europe since 2009.

Lara's Integrative Movement

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