050.Peace can only be achieved by understanding.


06-03-2022 • 5分

平和は理解によってのみ得ることができる。 おかげさまで今回は記念すべき50回目の放送です。 いつも番組をお聞きくださりありがとうございます。 スペシャルバージョンなので英語で進行していきます。 By the way, the world is facing a serious crisis, the attack from Russia. How do you view the situation? What can we do to change the situation for the better? Nobody wishes for war if he or she is an ordinary resident. I hope today’s phrase will be helpful in making the peaceful world even in your daily life. A: The world is in a chaotic situation now. Do you have any ideas to deal with it? B: It is challenging. But knowing the real fact and being against the evil is one of the options. And remember, peace can only be achieved by understanding ダイアローグの後の解説はこちら。 How was today’s content? When people lead a happy life, health, living expenses, and peace should be necessary, right? As you can see the current situation in Ukraine, safely living is not natural. But fortunately, we Japanese can live a usual life like this at least for now. We should appreciate this opportunity and make the most of it. The life is limited. Never regret your days in your last moment. What we can do is to live eagerly, help each other and, if possible, support people in need of help. Anyway, let us say thank you to the present peace in Japan as of March 7th in 2022. =========== さとk公式LINE Youtubeチャンネル さとk English 【2021年2部門ベストセラー1位獲得】 1%の人しか知らない一生使えるロードマップ 人気No.1英語講師、全国No.1英語プレゼンターが教える 大人のための最短英語学習法 番組の感想やご要望などもお待ちしております♪