Antonette Vaughn Edwards (Mother/Grandmother/Ambassador for Christ)

Nathaniel Noble Jr Podcast

24-09-2023 • 33分

Antonette Vaughn-Waithe-Edwards was born in Centralia, Illinois. Moved with my family in 1983 to San Bernardino, CA.  Went to junior high and high school, Graduated from Cajon High school and attended Valley College where I studied Journalism and Theater-acting. Walked across the stage with my Mother while she received her AA degree and we were featured in the newspaper, one of the happiest days of my life.  I inherited  my artistic skills from both parents and my Father is a wood scuplture while my Mother had a beautiful voice.  Attended Holy Trinity Church and was Director of childrens church and member of the choir.  I honed my speaking skills there and was able to win numerous awards at school and in public library contest.  Won second runner up in Miss Black San  Bernardino and was able to meet Rosa Parks and receive a picture and autographed signature from her. Won first place Queen in Miss Black Awareness Pageant in Fontana CA. Worked at both YWCA & YMCA as Director of summer camp and before and after school activities. Also drove company van to pick up teen mothers.  Married June 14, 1997 to Steve Edwards III. Had three beautiful children, one girl and two boys and currently retired with five grandchildren. Three girls and two boys, one grandaughter who is in Heaven.

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