Jason Neville's FSB new song (Hit Um With The Boogie Feat. George Clinton)

Nathaniel Noble Jr Podcast

20-08-2023 • 38分

Jason Neville Funky Soul Band a New Orleans Favorite has done it again!
The 2023 single: "Hit um with the Boogie" was released 7/1/23.
The song Features: George Clinton with some incredible and fun backgrounds.
The song represents a release for everyone who has a special talent.
What's your Boogie?
A release party was scheduled for July 28th, 2023 @ the Carrolton station in
uptown New Orleans
For a few months the band will have contest and request for you to send
them a clip of your Boogie.
The song is fun, clean and able to make you release your inner you.
Get ready for the new song of the year! Independently produced and distributed
on all digital platforms!
The band also has a "5" phase Tour to promote the release.
Phase (1) was in June. Portland Oregon and surrounding areas.
Other areas in the phase include: East Coast/West Coast/ Canada and The South!
Check the band website for updates and details.

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