Lisa R. Stewart and her mentor, Tracy Grant (Television Writers)

Nathaniel Noble Jr Podcast

15-10-2023 • 32分

Born and raised on the south side of Chicago in Hyde Park, Lisa began her life as a preemie.  Weighing less that 4 pounds, and two months early, she was ready to make her mark on the world! She began writing at thirteen when she returned from her father's funeral. Lisa had her sights on the FBI and modeled her life to attaining that goal. God had other plans for Lisa. Writing. After ten years of the grind, she was able to work with her mentor Tracy Grant on the show Lace. Lisa's life has been interesting to say the least.  She's a talented writer,  an avid traveler, an obsessive walker and an all around good person.  She has stories to tell!
Lisa wrote the episode "You reap what you sow" for the show Lace, now streaming on Allblk.

New York City native Tracy Grant began writing as an author with the novel Hellified and as a journalist for what were once magazines including VIBE and XXL, interviewing scores of entertainers, politicians and businesspeople. Tracy is one of the Co-Creators and Executive Producers of LACE, a scripted drama from AMC-backed streamer Allblk.  An ABC Writing Fellowship alum, Tracy was a staff writer on the Freeform (formerly ABC Family) drama “LINCOLN HEIGHTS.” He spent years as a journalist and publicist in the music business. Tracy is currently developing  the critically-acclaimed memoir THE LAST NEGROES AT HARVARD for television with Double Nickel Entertainment (THE BURIAL, GRAN TORINO).
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