ETHSafari 2023: Mobilizing to build for Real Impact and Use Cases

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13-09-2023 • 24分

Our guest today is Mortech(Contributor at SafariDAO) who talks about ETHSafari 2023, an upcoming event that aims to bring together the Ethereum community in Africa and beyond. It is a week-long conference and festival that will feature panels, workshops, keynotes, hackathons, and art performances on various topics related to blockchain technology and decentralized finance. Some of the themes that will be covered are:

  • DeFi for the real world: How decentralized finance can shift the future of African and global economies
  • Investing in Web3: Lessons and opportunities from the frontlines of crypto investing
  • NFTs and digital identity: The metaverse experience and the potential of non-fungible tokens
  • Impact and ReFi: Social impact and regenerative finance as a way to do business more accountably
  • DAOs: The web3 rabbithole and how to create and join decentralized autonomous organizations

ETHSafari 2023 will take place from September 18 to September 24 in Kenya. The first three days will be held in Nairobi, where participants can join bootcamps and side events to learn and build with Ethereum. The last four days will be hosted at Beneath The Baobabs, a stunning venue in Kilifi, where the conference and festival will take place. There will also be a special train ride from Nairobi to Kilifi on September 21, called the BlockTrain, for those who want to enjoy the scenic journey.

If you are interested in attending ETHSafari 2023, you can get your early bird tickets now at ETHSafari website. You can also check out the schedule, the speakers, the artists, and the sponsors of the event.

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