Sats & Gwei | 40% of South Africans familiar with web3 | Chipper Cash enters Rwanda | Nigeria’s Crypto tax - a premature move? | Pillow fund discontinues operations | And more !

Sovereign Frontier Podcast

09-07-2023 • 28分

Welcome to another episode of Africa’s Crypto Rollup - Sats & Gwei. like we always do weekly, in this episode we bring you the latest and most relevant crypto news and updates across Africa.


40% of South Africans Familiar With the 'Concept of Web3' says Study

Chipper Cash Formally Launches Operations in Rwanda, its 6th African Country

BlockchainUNN hosts the biggest campus Blockchain Conference in Africa

Nigerian crypto tax move is ‘premature’ says Local stakeholders

Ban on cryptocurrency transaction still in force in Ghana – Finance Minister warns

Crypto startup Pillow, backed by Accel and Quona, to discontinue all services,-backed-by-Accel-and-Quona,-to-discontinue-all-services

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Sats & Gwei is a Bankless Africa podcast that brings you weekly crypto/web3 headlines about the Africa continent. Stay up to date with the most relevant crypto happenings across Africa.


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