Feel It To Heal It Movement - Sea of Acceptance.

David Cain

Feel It To Heal It Movement.

Imagine a world, where we have the resilience and the ability to accept what is, in the present moment, allowing ourselves to experience emotional freedom, no matter what situation we are in. Even if we find ourselves in deep grief after a significant loss.

As well, we are able to accept the impermanence of whatever is happening, and we build and practice the skills to release the pain and suffering around losses that we have experienced in the past, are now experiencing or may experience in the future.

If you're listening to this podcast, you obviously have build resilience to get to this moment.

By following the unique episodes sequentially, you too may start the transformation towards a healthy grief recovery journey.

Here is the thing, it is very painful to avoid grieving, and it is very painful to build and live a "Healthy Grief Recovery Journey". So why not do the inevitable and join the "Feel It To Heal It Movement".

It is said that "All the grief work you do today, pays off for all of your tomorrows". My lived experiences documented in these episodes is a testimonial to this.

If you are troubled by unresolved grief from the past, maybe ask yourself two questions:

1. If not me then who?

2. If not now then when?

You too can learn how to lose things (including loved ones).

All episodes of this podcast are also available on my website www.seaofacceptance.com.

I hope you find the strength to take the first few steps by witnessing these episodes.

Thank you

David Cain

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