Episode 21- What do zombies and accessible computers have in common? One man’s dedication to the low vision community!

The Blind Life Podcast

02-12-2023 • 41分

In this episode, we talked to Gary Beene, the creator of the EZ Reader accessible computer system. The EZ Reader is a full computer system that offers a suite of over 100 tools and applications that will make computing more accessible. With easy to understand applications, which offer customizable, high contrast, large print interfaces, The EZ Reader system is a fantastic option for anyone struggling to use a computer. During this very informative conversation, Gary discusses why he created the EZ Reader system and how his clients, who become much more than just clients to Gary, use it for a wide variety of tasks, Everything from sending emails to creating fantastical worlds! Learn more: Watch my full review video ► https://youtu.be/3MvE-w8ZauE?si=-rJeeuhA4FSTVydH Visit the website ► https://newvisionconcepts.com/ Gary Beene gbeene@airmail.net 11936 Jamestown Road Dallas, TX 75230 214-668-9913