Episode 14 Right Hear, AI Enhanced Indoor Orientation - Interview with Idan Meir

The Blind Life Podcast

16-09-2023 • 27分

This is my interview with Idan Meir, CEO and co-founder of Right Hear. Right Hear Is a system designed to provide both indoor and outdoor orientation. As Idan puts it, they're basically creating talking signs. Imagine if you walked up to a building, and your smartphone announced that you had arrived at the front door. That would be pretty cool right? Well how about if it also told you that after you go through the door, the reception desk is 10 feet on your left and the restrooms were 20 feet straight ahead with the men's room on the left and the women's room on the right. Then, how crazy would it be if it also told you the layout of the bathroom And provided a phone number to call for help? That's the magic of Right Hear! Idan Explains all about the system and how you can help to get it installed into a location near you! Contact for Right Hear: https://www.right-hear.com/ idan@right-hear.com