E24 - Christmas Activities!

The Truth About Ageing

07-12-2021 • 12分

This week we're staying light & cheerful and most definitely in the Christmas Spirit! Today's quick tip episode is 5 activities you can do with Seniors in your life. Whilst for many of us Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year (queue Buble, Mariah & any other Christmas album I can get my hands on!), it can also be an incredibly isolating and lonely time for those without close friends or family. Today's challenge is to think of someone in your world that might need a bit of Christmas Cheer and to do one of these Christmas themed activities with them:

1. Christmas carols
2. Wrapping presents
3. Christmas craft
4. Christmas baking
5. Christmas shopping

For more tips and discussion about how to integrate these activities for Seniors with varied cognition, physical abilities and interests, listen to today's ep!

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