Creating Content Your Audience Will Love with Ellen Pustejovsky

Lay the Course Podcast

09-02-2023 • 37分

Ellen Pustejovsky is a Black Hills based entrepreneur, content creator, creative director, portrait specialist, and landscape artist who is passionate about sharing ways on building a lifestyle by design. She believes that a life lived simply is a life worth living, and she helps clients create simple yet effective high-quality branded content.

In this episode you will hear:

  • Ellen’s path to becoming a full-time content creator
  • Advice for pushing through barriers to grow in your field
  • The power behind branded content for your business

“You are showing up for your audience; you’re creating value for them, and that is what they are going to thank you for,” said Ellen as she disclosed that content creation can feel awkward in the beginning.

She is an award winning photographer showcased in publications such as Outside Magazine. Through her 13 years of experience, she has produced content for big brands all around the nation including, Fabletics, Born Shoe, C4 Fabrication, and more. Her teachings and mindset derive from the concept that time is the most valuable thing as it is the only non-renewable asset. Since beginning her first business as a sophomore in high school, her long-term mission is to help other aspiring solo-pressures to achieve their goals in a fraction of the time.

Learn more about Ellen’s work on her website and Instagram.