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Paul Louis Cole

Brave Men exists to inspire men to live a better life. Through conversations and
teachings meant to bring about wisdom and courage for the journey, Brave Men
hopes to help men build a life filled with purpose and destiny. Your host for the
podcast is Paul Louis Cole, President of Christian Men’s Network - with
representation in over 100 nations around the world - and the founder of the Global
Fatherhood Initiative. Paul Cole has a deep passion to defeat fatherlessness, end
child abuse, and raise up strong men who love God, love people, and make an
impact in their community. This is our mission. This... is Brave Men.

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From Porn Star and Pain to Redemption and Purpose: The Joshua Broome Story
From Porn Star and Pain to Redemption and Purpose: The Joshua Broome Story
Girls, cars, fame and money. It sounded like the best life. Then it wasn’t. Enter a powerful and deeply moving conversation with our guest Joshua Broome, a former adult film star who has emerged a warrior from the shadows of a life once defined by exploitation and emptiness. Joshua courageously takes us through his struggle with fatherlessness, the allure of the adult film industry and the eventual realization of his true worth. It's an intimate exploration of identity, the impact of absent fathers on life choices, and the remarkable power of mentorship and spiritual guidance that led to his monumental shift from despair to triumph. Joshua's raw account of being called by name at his lowest point is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the redemptive power of faith and community. This episode isn't just a tale of darkness; it's also a beacon of hope for those seeking redemption. Joshua's heartfelt account of his personal awakening to the love and grace of Jesus Christ opens a new horizon for listeners grappling with their own battles. Joshua also introduces his new book, "Seven Lies That Will Ruin Your Life," promising to lead readers away from the empty promises of the world and toward the fulfilling embrace of faith. To build a stronger walk with God, to live in hope, redemption and faith – subscribe to the Brave Men podcast - this is how to build a positive mindset. Brave Men is a production of the Christian Men’s Network. Hosted by Paul Louis Cole, author, speaker and the host of Monday Night Men. You can find resources for mentorship and Christian discipleship for men at, You’ll find Paul at PaulLouisCole on social media. (00:00) Fatherlessness and the Adult Film Industry Journey(12:38) Recruitment Into the Adult Film Industry(26:15) The Impact of the Pornography Industry(39:34) Pornography's Impact on Lives and Recovery(46:42) Encountering Jesus
Courage and Healing: Confronting Generational Cycles of Mental Struggles with Toby Slough
Courage and Healing: Confronting Generational Cycles of Mental Struggles with Toby Slough
How does a small Hawaiian fish and a depressive episode lead to healing? When the weight of anxiety began to press heavily on Toby’s shoulders he discovered that healing could start right in the family's heart. That journey led him to create a workshop to strengthen those pivotal connections, laying the foundation for this deeply personal episode.  The small story of “Be a Goby” brings us into a larger story of vulnerability, resilience, and hope, reflecting on Pastor Toby Slough's journey through his own mental health struggles. His candid message that it's "okay to not be okay" resonates throughout our conversation, weaving together the theme of parental well-being and the emotional health of our children. This is a ‘must-share’ episode of Brave Men. The narrative takes a tender turn as we unpack "Be a Goby," Pastor Toby's children's book written as a lighthouse for young minds battling loneliness and anxiety. The pages of this story extend beyond the book, offering a haven of confidence, courage, and compassion through its accompanying website. Our producer Bryce joins me in this show for a look into the healing presence of God and how the love of others is a part of the process. I’ve been reflecting on the remarkable stories that fill this Brave Men podcast season. Stories that echo across generations, for our sons and daughters, grandchildren, spouses and loved ones. It really is about the journey of faith and courage and wisdom and finding Jesus in the midst of our worst moments. Hope! In our final moments, Pastor Toby joins us to call upon bravery and courage in the face of life's challenges. We explore the transformative role of faith and mindset in shaping our futures, touching on how the teachings of Jesus and Paul can renew one's sense of self. The chapter closes with a prayer for bravery, an invitation to listeners to step into their destinies with boldness, breaking free from the cycles that have long held sway over their families. This episode isn't just a conversation; it's a passage to God given empowerment for anyone ready to make those pivotal, life-altering decisions. Subscribe to Brave Men — share it. Take a step with us into a future where every challenge is an opportunity for growth and every narrative is a testament to grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit to impute resilience into our hearts. Brave Men is a production of the Christian Men’s Network. Paul is the President of this global movement which can be found at (00:00) Parents' Mental Health and Healing(03:43) Be a Gobi(08:28) Overcoming Fear and Anxiety(20:41) Healing With Truth and Faith(31:15) Family Identity and Mental Wellness Building(44:46) Coaching, Shame, Help in the Church(55:40) Embracing Bravery and Courage in Life
Embracing Grace and Authentic Discipleship: A Journey of Courage and Identity with Robbie Angle
Embracing Grace and Authentic Discipleship: A Journey of Courage and Identity with Robbie Angle
Discover the unexpected treasure trove of wisdom with Robbie Angle, president and CEO of True Face, as he shares his transformative journey from achievement-driven existence to a life steeped in the grace of Christ. Robbie's remarkable stories, including his charitable exploits in Pakistan and profound rooftop realizations, shed light on the true meaning of discipleship and the role of character and courage in exemplifying Jesus in today's world. Our candid conversation traverses the intricate dance between faith and the pressing demands of modern masculinity, offering listeners a glimpse into the life of a man fully committed to following Christ. Allow me to take you on a heartfelt exploration of what it means to juggle the responsibilities of leading a ministry with the joys and challenges of fatherhood. Robbie's insights on intentional relationships and the example set by Jesus Himself emphasize the power of focused fellowship in our spiritual walk. Painstakingly we unpack the misconceived notions of grace as a passive attribute, revealing instead its dynamic force that incites love, cultivates the fruits of the Spirit, and reshapes our daily lives. As we conclude this powerful episode, the conversation moves towards the attractive nature of living in true identity through Christ. The theology of grace comes alive as we examine the historical and moral complexities of our faith journey. Robbie and I also highlight the vital role of community in keeping us anchored to the grace that defines us. Join us as we encourage the brave men among us to embrace their spiritual journey with courage, guided by the resources and discipleship programs available to help them thrive in their faith and everyday lives. Visit for more information and resources. ================== (0:00:00) - Men's Discipleship and True Grace Robbie Angle shares his journey through faith and discipleship, exploring masculinity and the transformative power of living in grace. (0:11:47) - The Convergence and Meaning of Discipleship Father's influence, vocational calling, discipleship, mission work, personal transformation, and service in Christian ministry. (0:16:05) - Understanding the Concept of Grace Grace, identity, and discipleship are explored, challenging misconceptions and inspiring active love through a secure identity in Christ's love. (0:22:59) - Navigating Tensions in Life and Fatherhood Balancing ministry and fatherhood, navigating tensions, and finding wisdom in managing family and work life. (0:38:47) - Intentional Relationships in Discipleship Relationships in spiritual growth, intentional discipleship, Jesus's example, and the allure of social media popularity. (0:50:06) - The Theology of Grace and Living Transformative journey of discipleship, embracing new identity in Christ, tension between seeking answers and embracing mysteries of faith. (0:54:29) - Exploring Grace in Faith Grace transforms Christian life, redefining the relationship between being and doing. Faith in a works-focused world, community, and historical context are discussed. (1:06:56) - Brave Men Christian Men's Network supports men's spiritual journey with resources, discipleship programs, and Brave Men podcast.
Faith on Wheels: Uniting Passion and Purpose with Barry Meguiar (Season 5 Premiere)
Faith on Wheels: Uniting Passion and Purpose with Barry Meguiar (Season 5 Premiere)
When the hum of an engine syncs with the whispers of faith, life takes a turn toward the extraordinary—this is the story Barry Meguiar and I share in our latest conversation. As I sit with Barry, a car enthusiast with a heart ignited for Jesus, we journey through the lanes of his family's historic car care legacy and how it parallels the spiritual wisdom gained from a life attuned to God's guidance. Personal tales of perseverance and answered prayers serve as signposts, reminding us that unwavering faith can steer us through life's sharp turns and into paths lit with divine purpose. Barry is the President of Meguiar’s, a 100-year-old family business that manufactures the leading Meguiar's brand of car care products for cleaning and protecting automotive surfaces. He has been one of the most visible “car guys” in the world as the two-decade host of the award-winning TV show “Car Crazy”. The episode takes a reflective turn as I share about my wife and me and our own moments of rediscovering joy within our walk of faith. A profound shift in perspective transformed our sense of duty into a powerful life of passion. This enriched our marriage and deepened our understanding of true ministry. It is a strong reminder that sharing our faith shines a beacon of hope in even the darkest corridors, lighting up our walk with Jesus.  Our high-octane discussion culminates with an invitation to embrace the nudges of the Holy Spirit, to defeat fear with faith, and to discover the unshakeable joy that comes from living freely in God's favor. With passionate stories we explore how our smallest gestures can have the largest impact, shaping lives and legacies. Whether you're a gearhead, a seeker, or just someone curious about the intersection of passion and faith, this episode offers a roadmap to igniting a life of purpose, fulfillment, and joy. Brave Men is a production of the Christian Men’s Network. The host, Paul Louis Cole, is president of this diverse multi-national movement, which may be found at      (0:00:00) - The Power of Following the Nudge (0:05:06) - Barry Meguiar  (0:17:15) - Finding Joy in Full-Time Ministry (0:30:51) - Ignite Your Life (0:44:55) - Follow the Nudge, Live Freely (0:51:19) - Defeating Fear and Finding Joy