The Lesser Dead

20-03-2023 • 1分

THE LESSER DEAD is an 8 x 30-minute immersive audio drama about a disparate group of vampires living in the wild-and-wooly world of 1978 New York City.  Our narrator Joey Peacock (Jack Kilmer) — an irreverent, eternally-young 19-year-old — introduces us to his unconventional family and its formidable leader, Margaret McMannis (Minnie Driver), who has built a home for all of them under the subways of the city. Margaret’s strict rules have kept them safe and secure for decades... Until one night when Joey's discovery of three little kid vampires turns their world upside-down forever.  The Lesser Dead also stars Danny Huston and Saul Rubinek. It is written by Christopher Buehlman who is also an Executive Producer with Mark Stern, Joshua D Maurer, Minnie Driver and Jack Kilmer. Dan Blank is the director. It was produced by SALT Audio.