[S3] Episode 52 - Which Anime Was Better Chainsaw Man or Bleach TYBW ? FT (Kevin From Kultural Universe)

Raysean Gadson Anime Podcast

14-01-2023 • 1時間 10分

Hey! What sup Anime Fans!!!!  This is another episode of the Raysean Gadson Anime Podcast or R-GAP for short, and on today's episode we're going to be debating. Which series was better between Chainsaw Man or  Bleach (Thousand-Year Blood War Arc) with my pal Kevin From Kultural Universe. We are going to break these into 5 different segments. Where we will provide the arguments in which you the listeners will determine who won by writing it in the comments wherever you're listening! If that has you interested then sit back and enjoy the ride !

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