"I Can't Do It All" and other things I learned on the road - w/Marcia Ramirez

The God And My Girlfriends Podcast

08-11-2021 • 21分

Well, I learned a hard lesson on the road this fall. I really can't do it all. (At least not all the time!-haha)

This week, you just get me - no guest. But I do try to help with some self-care tidbits, my thoughts on aging, skincare, makeup, and at the end of the podcast, what I think really helps make us beautiful at any age.

Because I'm showing things on camera, please forgive much of the background noise.. and also, I have put up the video of this podcast on Monday as well so you can watch on our YouTube channel right now instead of waiting until Wednesday.  Hope you enjoy!


Here are links to all the products I mention in this podcast:
Neutrogena make up wipes: https://amzn.to/3EX6yHM

Clean Skin Club: https://amzn.to/3CXOoVq

The Ordinary Skin Care: https://bit.ly/3wsGvoO

Bare Minerals:
Foundation: https://bit.ly/3o5EWt8
Blush: https://bit.ly/2Ys4s2U

It cosmetics brow powerFULL: https://bit.ly/3quUE3V

Sheet masks we used on the road:

"Wholehearted Faith" by Rachel Held Evans: https://amzn.to/31uWNBW

"The Making of Biblical Womanhood" by Beth Allison Barr: https://amzn.to/3GYjRJC

"No Cure For Being Human" by Kate Bowler: https://amzn.to/3CTkz8w

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