Unpacking biblical baggage with special guest Marg Mowczko; and the girlfriends discuss escapism tv and The Golden Bachelor with Stacey, Marcia and guest girlfriend, Britt Savage.

The God And My Girlfriends Podcast

13-11-2023 • 1時間 15分

On today's episode we have a fun girlfriend chat with singer/songwriter, Britt Savage. We talk about everything from The Golden Bachelor, escapism, and how we can all combat the feeling of hopelessness by doing small things to make the world a better place.

Then, we have a wonderful conversation with biblical scholar and author/blogger, Marg Mowczko. She helps us break down the difference between egalitarianism and complementarianism, why 1 Timothy 2:12 doesn't mean women can't be in ministry, how women's roles have been diminished in some biblical translations and which translation she would recommend right now for us to use. It's a super informative conversation so don't miss it!

Marg Mowczko lives north of Sydney, Australia, with her husband. She has a theology degree from the Australian College of Ministries and a Master of Arts from Macquarie University with a specialization in Early Christian and Jewish Studies. For the past decade, Marg has hosted a blog at MargMowczko.com where she writes about the biblical basis for mutuality, or equality, between men and women in Christian marriage and in the church, and other related topics.

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In this episode:

0:31 Introducing Britt Savage

5:42 The Golden Bachelor

12:28 Escapism TV

24:08 Introducing Marg Mowczko

32:02 Explaining Egalitarianism

36:37 Marg's favorite women in scripture

40:39 Breaking down 1 Timothy 2:12

47:48 The differences in Bible translations

1:00:47 Freeing women to do the work they are called to do

1:07:41 What's coming up next for Marg


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