#040 - The 18 Systems That Help Me Run My Business And Why

Big Business with Sarah

27-10-2022 • 21分

You can’t run an online business without having some systems in place, but also if you’re not running your business online, there’s so much you can do to stop doing repetitive tasks which could be easily taken over by your computer or phone.

You know those emails when you're trying to set up a meeting with someone?

"I can do Sept 17th and 18th after 4PM"

  • "Can you do Sept 17th at 3PM?"

"Let's see if we can do Sept 22nd or 23rd?"

  • "I can't, going on a retreat then"

You catch my drift ;-) and I certainly remember those emails...
One year ago I implemented the Calendly app thanks to which I am saving several hours a month by not having those conversations anymore.

And there's so much more I've discovered in the last year which I didn't want to keep from you:

  • Team communication tool & client communication tool
  • The vault with all my documents
  • A system for projectmanagement
  • A system for my lead generation
  • A system for creating content

And so on and so on, I'm sharing my 18 favorite tools with you today in my latest 20-minute podcast episode.

You can find the productivity checklist here.

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