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A Brazilian host with the energy of a chaotic vampire, Laura Faritos is eager to express herself via The Laura Faritos Show. Episodes will vary between personal essays and iconic storytimes based on Laura's unpredictable life experiences, interviews with interesting people such as friends, experts or business owners, as well as reviews of any events, products or services Laura personally recommends. read less
#011. Interview | Chat w/ Danish Anwar
#011. Interview | Chat w/ Danish Anwar
Aiaiai! We are back with another episode - another interview with yet another comedian!!! I interviewed Danish Anwar (@terrorsuspect) about his personal background, his career pipeline from a business school dropout to a full-time internationally-acclaimed comedy producer, and his main tips for beginner producers who would like to get on his level. For those of you who don't know Danish, he is a Toronto-based comedian and producer. He has worked with comedy titans like Dave Attell, Russell Peters, and Paul Provenza. He has performed at major comedy festivals worldwide like the Magners Comedy Festival in Bangkok, Just For Laughs, and Winnipeg Comedy Festival. Danish is the creator of Your Hood's A Joke, a battle show with licensed franchises running in Tokyo, LA, and NYC, expanding to Amsterdam and Barcelona soon. Danish Anwar is also the founder of Toronto Comedy All Stars, one of Canada's biggest live comedy labels, with marquee shows at Comedy Bar and Yuk Yuks in Toronto, the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, the Gas Station Arts Centre in Winnipeg, and The Comedy Store in LA.Follow @terrorsuspect if you'd like to keep up with his wonderfully produced shows.And, of course, follow ME @laurafaritos if you'd like to keep up with MY show! Do you like this show??? Do you??? PROVE IT. Give me your money. Pay me CASH. Dollars!!! I want dollars!!!This has been a public service announcement. See you in the next episode! Tchau tchau :*