5. Building a Nest

Atlantic: A Scottish Story

18-07-2021 • 35分

1901 - Time has passed on Hirta as Evie returns to full health. John McKenzie returns to the island to herald the death of Queen Victoria. Sloane makes Evie an offer and Quinn reaches Chicago.

1963 - Quinn arrives on Skye, edging closer to St Kilda.


Kirsty Findlay as Evie Mccormick

Sebastian Lim-Seet and David Hayman as Quinn Whyte

Blythe Duff as Fiadh Mccormick

Kate Dickie as Ms Cameron

Richard Rankin as Sloane Sinclair

Lawrence Smith as Arlo Mccormick

John Macauley as John McKenzie

Caroline Lyell as Grace Collins

Ainsley Hamill as the Voice of Hirta

Live musicians:

Sally Simpson, Matthew Howells, Marissa Waite and John Kielty

Atlantic: A Scottish Story was written and created by Scott Gilmour & Claire McKenzie.

Produced by Noisemaker and The Big Light. For more information about the cast, band and creative team, go to: www.thebiglight.com/atlantic