Episode 35: Cosy Teatime Apocalypse

The Randomiser: Unpredictable Doctor Who Chat

05-06-2023 • 56分

This time we're raising hell, talking lingo and generally wittering on more than ever before, but somewhere in there is a bit of chat about Doctor Who - the recent trailer for the 60th Anniversary specials, and we delve back to discuss The Doctor's love life. And toilet habits. Oh dear. Spoiler warning for all Doctor Who up to and including The Power of the The Doctor, also for Day of the Triffids (1980s version) and The Tomorrow People stories "Revenge of Jedekiah" and "One Law". A content note for our discussion of Day of the Triffids which references abuse and generally people being pretty nasty, it's that sort of Apocalypse... Regular Features: Your Cheatin' Memory Each episode we use therandomiser.net to choose a random Doctor Who story and see what we can recall about it. Then we go away and rewatch it to discuss next time. This episode, we've just rewatched "The Doctor's Wife" No Complications An uncomplicated hot take on things that bring us joy in some random Doctor Who stories. Challenge! Chaz has been challenged to finally watch The Mutants... If he hasn't seen it by now I'll go bananas... Box of Delights We've rewatched Day of the Triffids, the 1980s BBC TV adaptation of John Wyndham's novel. Tangent of the Week* The Tomorrow People return to form** with"Revenge of Jedekiah" and "One Law" -- -- --  We welcome your thoughts and feedback! Email: randomiserpodcast@gmail.com We're no longer using Twitter, but please follow us on Mastodon: @randomiserpod@mastodon.social Episode Guide: 00:00 - Intro 14:51 - Your Cheatin' Memory - revisit 24:26 - Your Cheatin' Memory - reveal 26:09 - No Complications 31:20 - Challenge! 34:17 - Box of Delights 47:55 - The Tomorrow Tangent 54:58 - Outro AI Art by DiffusionBee *not weekly **that's not saying much... --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/randomiser/message