The Personalities Traits of a Soccer Player. Are you a Sam, or a Jordyn?


07-09-2023 • 52分

Tons of stuff going on in Episode 5. Sam and Jordyn cover the chattable moments of the NCAA women's soccer week, from scorelines to teams to watch. Some shoutouts to: BYU for rising to number one in the rankings. Hey Providence, we see you and your no-goals-scored upon status! And what about the dust storm in the middle of the UTSA and GCU game? Plus, Emma Jaskaniec from the University of Wisconsin is seriously on fire in the Big Ten right now (and she’s also a Soccerista United mentor 😘).

Sam and Jordyn come to realize how completely different they are and their college recruiting processes were. Turns out there’s more than one kind of personality on a soccer team and more than one way to approach high school and the recruiting process. Sam shares a University of Iowa soccer team ritual, the Hawkeye program has the team do the Enneagram Personality Test, which uses a scale of nine numbers to assess traits people have to help them communicate better with those around them.

Sam and Jordyn take listener questions:

What is your favorite part of playing at MSU?

Day in the Life of a College Student?

How do you balance being a student-athlete?

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