Special Guest: Jeff Hosler, Michigan State’s Coach leads the Spartan’s to win back-to-back Big Ten Championships!


26-10-2023 • 58分

We’re calling episode 12 the “Groundhog Day Game” because, you guessed it, Sam and Jordyn have to play each other AGAIN! The good news is that both Iowa and Michigan State qualified for the Big Ten Tournament, and the bad news is they’re never getting rid of each other. We may have talked about the rivalry so much that we manifested for it to happen twice! Congrats to both teams, but let's give a special shout-out to Michigan State for winning the title in back-to-back seasons. Jeff Hosler, the team’s highly respected coach, shares a little bit about his own soccer journey and how he was able to lead the Spartan women to two championship titles in two years.

This week's topics include recruiting, scouting, social media, and setting yourself up for success!

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