No Soccer Journey is the Same; Sam and Jordyn Examine the Different Paths Players Take


14-09-2023 • 40分

Sam and Jordan bring in special guest, Chicago Red Star Ava Cook. Cook shares her unique experience in going pro. She was drafted from Michigan State in 2021 but started her career at Grand Valley in Division 2, which happened to be the national champion when she left. If one thing is clear, it’s that no two soccer experiences are exactly alike, and navigating your own journey takes patience, perseverance, and trust in the process.

Both Sam and Jordyn are entering the conference play phase of their season, where things will start to get very real. Can the undefeated Hawkeyes continue their unbelievable run of form against Illinois? And will the Spartans have their way with the Buckeyes? It’s going to be an incredible weekend of college soccer for sure!

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