The Southern Collective Hunting Podcast

The Southern Collective

Campfires were the watering hole for the outdoorsmen for as long as we have pursued the outdoors. Whether hunting or fishing, outdoorsmen would gather around a fire to share wisdom, experiences, food, and shelter. The legend and lore of American Icons like Danielle Boone, Mr. Fox, and Will Primos were born around campfires. In the modern era legendary camps like Kings Ranch, Shumulla, and Cottonmouth provided readers with a steady stream of stories written by outdoor writers who experienced legendary adventures. We believe that the outdoors community is at its best when the spirit of Hunt Camp thrives and we aim to restore that in a world that feels largely divided and Hunt Camp lost to the times. The Southern Collective is composed of consummate outdoorsmen who’s roots stretch across the Deep South and believe in Hunt Camp. We are bringing it back by hosting hunting camps across the South, creating relatable content to the southern outdoorsman, and by creating a Digital Hunt Camp for those times when we can’t be in the great outdoors.  You are the Southern Collective. Welcome to the fire. read less