3 Tools to Help You Stop Procrastinating

Work+Life Harmony for Overwhelmed Women

29-08-2023 • 18分

Are you stuck in a cycle of constant overwhelming feelings and procrastination? We've all been there! Today, I'm breaking down the barriers to your productivity and reclaiming your time.

We'll discuss the whys and hows of procrastination and, based on my personal journey, I'll be sharing three practical, life-changing tools to get you past these hurdles.

But we're not stopping there! I'm delving deeper into the psychology of our brains - how they seek pleasure and avoid pain, and how we can flip that to our benefit. You'll discover the concept of temptation bundling and how it can be instrumental in overcoming procrastination. Plus, you'll learn about the intriguing productivity power of self-talk. So get ready to trade in the stress and chaos for a harmonious, productive life.

Tools for Business Owners Resource Guide:
Recommended tools and resources to streamline and grow your business while maintaining Work + Life Harmony
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