How to Use Wall Calendars to Plan with Tasha Agruso

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10-10-2023 • 28分

Can a wall calendar revolutionize the way you connect with your family or plan your meals? Tasha Agruso of Kaleidoscope Living graced us with her presence in this episode, sharing the genesis of her innovative, bright wall calendar. Each month has its own page, and Tasha's creative vision shines as she shares how this functional art piece can turn any space into a vibrant hub of productivity.

Together we dive into the multitude of ways to use Tasha's colorful calendar - from tracking habits, planning meals, to even serving as a family communication center.  My chat with Tasha doesn't just stop at wall calendars though; she shares her brilliant insights on repurposing household items, saving you both time and money.

This episode is a bounty of inspiration - it will leave you eager to infuse your own spaces with color, functionality, and a bit of Tasha's signature style.

Get your own wall calendar here:

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