She Said She's Leaving - Now What?

Goodguys2Greatmen Podcast

19-04-2021 • 4分

If you have noticed your wife or partner becoming more and more distant and disconnected, maybe rude and disrespectful with you recently, then you may be experiencing what is known as the "walk-away wife syndrome."

We see this a lot in the coaching we do with men and I want to give you some guidance firstly that - this doesn't mean that your marriage or relationship is screwed - and secondly I mention two free pdf documents in this video which I'm offering to you that are directly related to this issue in relationships.

In our coaching, we help men get a powerful new mindset that empowers you to give, love and connect more deeply because you're finally doing that within yourself first. This mindset allows empathy, trust and connection to happen because you're confident in who you're being.

We teach skills and knowledge that nobody ever teaches men when we're younger. Skills and knowledge that make you feel confident and in control even when chaos is going on around you.

It's amazing what you can achieve when you make yourself a priority.