Smack Panda Podcast

Matthew Sinclair

What do you get when a Coal miner, Musician and washed up ex Professional fighter get together for a few beers?

The smack panda Podcast

Each week revisit the latest happenings in the lives of us ‘the new age Man’.

We do our best to put an upbeat spin on the inner workings of todays new world.

All topics are on the table and with a few sneaky brews to loosen things up we delve deep into the modern world of politics, raising kids, Music past and present, Talk Boxing, psilocybin and throw back to the good old glory days....

Pretty much Anything else we would otherwise never be offered a public platform to speak on , we cover it.

Occasionally we even convince some guests to come on and unlike us they are accomplished and interesting enough to actually listen too.

But mostly we just talk smack

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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Smack Pandacast Nathan Cavleri
Smack Pandacast Nathan Cavleri
Nathan Cavaleri, child guitar prodigy, singer/songwriter musical genius and screen composer. Follow Nathan @, enter fast and have the chance to win an guitar and a lesson from Nathan Cavaleri!!, Nathan_cavaleri on instagram and Facebook. Watch his incredible story on follow and subscribe to his twitch and YouTube channels. The new album DEMONS is out now on all platforms that sell good music. The man who needs no introductionMR. Nathan CavaleriRoad tripping, track skipping and fart slipping, the Panda Crew hit the road this week.It was all hands on deck including our very own 'Jamie' (Mr bass man himself Matt Crawford) tagging along for moral support and tech support.The boys first taste of the big league, popping into songzu studios to chat to Nathan about life back on tour, the ups and downs of being a child prodigy, struggles with mental health and of course touring with the likes of blues legend B.B. King, Jimmy Barnes and diesel, and what playing in front of 60,000 people immediately after Elton John was really like.Nathan provided the crew with an amazingly open insight into his journey through music, spoke openly about life, his love of martial arts, and first boob signing experience.Nathan Cavaleri performs live this Sunday from 5pm at the Heritage Hotel, Bulli, NSW. And is touring Now.Grab a Kombucha, cup of tea or sit back with an 'old mate ale' and enjoy our very first twitch show. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.