Beyond the Turning Page

James Snyder

Have you ever wanted to take a look behind the scenes of your favorite novel or story, and learn what it took to craft it to perfection? Are you an avid reader that is interested in the finer workings of the creative writing process, or perhaps even an aspiring author yourself? Maybe you’re an experienced author wanting to learn more about how others tackle challenges that sometimes stump you. Welcome to Beyond the Turning Page, where we pull back the veil of mystery on what it takes to put together an engaging work that draws you into its pages. Each Saturday, host James L Snyder takes a deeper look at the finer details that go into crafting compelling stories. Everything is open for discussion, including character development, plot details, world building and fantastic settings, inspiration for writing, and more, including how to break through the dreaded writer’s block. Sometimes guest authors will appear on the show as well, sharing their personal tips, tricks, and ideas for the genres they specialize in. Join us on the journey whether you’re a writer yourself or not! Beyond the Turning Page is produced to provide tips to those interested in becoming a writer, engaged in the writing process but not yet published, and experienced writers as well, but that’s not our only audience! We want non-writers to enjoy listening to some of the quirks and tribulations that go into writing, and work to make each episode interesting from the reader’s perspective as well. Join us every Saturday… and enjoy a look beyond the turning page. read less