PGM 1765 - 12-11-21 - Part 3

gagliarchives Program 1765 - 12-11-21

17-12-2021 • 1時間 58分

This week we premiere new music that sits just outside this week's WEEKLYTOP20 that is sure to make some personal favorite lists this year, in the sophomore release from San Jose, California project Isobar and their simply titled II album. We'll also track new music just released from the Solar Music label in violinist Robby Steinhardt titled Not In Kansas Anymore that had came out just after the new of his sad passing in July. We'll feature a chunk of new material by request tonight including the new double live release from the institution known as Magma and their Eskähl 2020 release subtitled Bordeaux​-​Toulouse​-​Perpignan coming to us from the Seventh Records label that also sits just outside this week's WEEKLYTOP20 along with new music from Norwegian jazz improv project known as Sex Magick Wizards and their newly released second album titled Your Bliss, My Joy from the Rune Grammofon Records label. We'll also track new music by request from the Bad Elephant records label and Sheffield, UK based project Regal Worm and their new offering titled The Hideous Goblink that moved up six spots this week from number 12 to number 6 in the WEEKLYTOP20

At the start of our THIRD set, just following this week's installment of The Stargazer's Handbook, your weekly descriptive guide to the astro-heavens, we'll track the new release that was also our biggest leaper of the week in the Swedish avant-garde metal band The Diablo Swing Orchestra and their Swagger & Stroll Down The Rabbit Hole from the Candlelight Records label that along with Norway's Airbag and their new acoustic live release we featured last week moved up ten spots in the WEEKLYTOP20. As part of our Philadelphia Progressive Rock Concert Update we'll track the recent live release from Kansas titled Point Of Know Return: Live & Beyond from the Inside Out Music as they make their way through Virginia this coming week.

We'll track a birthday salute to New Jersey native Larry Fast of Synergy with the recent 40th anniversary of the Synergy release Computer Experiments Volume I along with a GlobalProgressive Rock Network HALL OF FAME anniversary in the 1998 indie release from Ottawa's Nathan Mahl and what would eventually be the #1 voted album in The GlobalProgressive Rock Network's Top 100 Of 1999 with the album The Clever Use Of Shadows. We'll also celebrate the 50th anniversary of an album that is finally seeing the light of day on CD in the 1971 MPS Records release from the Michael Naura Quartet and the album titled Call that included bassist Eberhard Weber, drummer Joe Nay, & vibraphonist Wolfgang Schlüter. We'll also track what is now the 20th anniversary of what would also be the last studio project & recording by the late great Allan Holdsworth titled Flat Tire: Music For A Non-Existent Movie from the Megazoidal Records label. Our 4th Set Space Out features two new recordings. We'll kick off the set with the excellent new release from the electronica project that is the brainchild of Norwegian progressive rock icon Jacob Holm-Lupo of White Willow & The Opium Cartel fame and his new offering under his concept he calls Donner now on the Apollon Records label titled Hesitant Light. This personal recording sees cameos from Marte Eberson, guitarist Hedvig Mollestad, drummer Keith Carlock, Brynjar Dambo on synthesizers who has been a part of White Willow with Jacob as well and many others. We'll also track the second live concert archive released this year on the Spoon Records label for krautrock icons Can and the Live In Brighton 1975 release just following this past summer's live archive of Stuttgart 1975. Also by request we go into the North 13th Studio vaults of Lost Satellite Productions and travel back to December 8th, 2001, when on Program 721 we had arrived at the third and final part of the The GlobalProgressive Rock Network's Top 100 Of 2001 as we track the final ten of the Top 100 of 2001 which was the very early days of our new internet radio audience joining us that saw the creation of z889's stream, and our signing on with The Net's Progressive Rock Garden Aural Moon at after departing Radio Free Kansas. We'll also kick off our Program 1765 this week as promised with the celebratory 50th anniversary of the Pink Floyd album Meddle for Scott Gardenar, a long time loyal listener who pointed out our accidental missed spotlight in November so we will stick to our promise on that.

Be sure to check out our new Podcast site now available at where you can now track our recent tribute to the late great guitarist of Brand X in John Goodsall along with a flashback performance from July 20th 2002, and Program 753 when guitarists Bon Lozaga & Scott McGill performed live in our studios, last week's Program 1764 and soon to include this week's Program 1765 in parts as well & on and also by visiting this link located at: and the John Goodsall tribute at:

We'll close out with more new music with what is our number one album in the WEEKLYTOP20 for now the fourth consecutive week in the Italian band Accordo Dei Contrari and their new release titled Ur from the Cuneiform Records label.