Craig Daigle Part 1

Shaping Success With Wes Tankersley

23-01-2023 • 56分


Join Wes Tankersley on this episode of Shaping Success as he chats with Life Coach and speaker Craig Daigle about his journey to success.

Craig grew up in Massachusetts and lived in New Hampshire until October of 2019 when he moved to Oklahoma with his wife and 4 sons. Soon after their arrival, the pandemic hit.  His living passion of life coaching didn’t really change. In fact, it boomed. The only thing was he was no longer traveling to live events and being locked down affected him mentally.  Craig gave a startling statistic: Three out of four suicides are men. Not enough emphasis is put on men’s mental health. They are taught to just “tough it out.” Craig said he never attempted suicide but had thoughts that people would be better off without him.

People listen to Craig’s success story, they say to him “I don’t know how you do it.” He responds “I don’t have a choice.” He had a friend that said yes you do. You could’ve turned to drugs, gave up rights to your kids, or ended your life.  That left a profound impression on him. He realizes he does have a choice.

Craig looks back to 2006 when divorced his wife with whom he had his first son. In 2008 he met a lady whom he eventually married. She had a daughter that passed away. To cope she turned to drugs and alcohol. Craig admits to enabling her behavior. He thought who am I to say how someone copes with a death of a child?  This led further into domestic violence in which Craig was abused physically and mentally. During these domestic situations in which the police were involved, Craig was automatically detained, as it was assumed he was the abuser. His wife would paint Craig as the abuser, and the police would believe her. The children saved him because they would tell the police that is not what happened.

Craig’s journey to success started after 8 years in this abusive relationship when he realized children are resilient.  The children is not a good reason to stay in a bad relationship. What kept him in the marriage so long was he didn’t think he could be a single dad. He worked 80 hours a week, so where would the kids go?  In the end, the children are a reason to leave a bad relationship and not a reason to stay.

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