Navigating Urban Horizons

Ian Semple

Join us on a dynamic journey through the intricate web of urban mobility with our host, Ian Semple, the Director of Transit and Transportation at the City of Kingston, Canada. In "Navigating Urban Horizons," we delve deep into the ever-evolving landscape of transit and transportation, uncovering the strategies, innovations, and challenges that shape the way we move within our cities.

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Revitalizing Communities: The Role of Active Transportation and Transit in Housing Development
Revitalizing Communities: The Role of Active Transportation and Transit in Housing Development
In this episode, hosts Ian and Ben discuss the critical role of active transportation and transit in shaping sustainable and inclusive housing development. They delve into how these elements can transform urban living, promote healthier communities, and contribute to local economies.Key Topics Covered:1. Introduction to Active Transportation and Urban Development:• Definition and benefits of active transportation.• The relationship between active transportation, transit, and urban development.2. Impact of Active Transportation on Housing Development:• How walkable, bike-friendly communities encourage denser, mixed-use developments.• The economic and social benefits of integrated transportation modes.3. The Crucial Role of Transit:• Extending the reach of active transportation through reliable transit links.• Making housing more affordable and accessible by reducing dependence on cars.4. Strategies for Integration:• Importance of infrastructure investment in sidewalks, bike lanes, and transit.• The role of zoning and development policies in promoting mixed-use, accessible areas.5. Challenges and Solutions:• Overcoming funding obstacles and community resistance.• The importance of data-driven decision-making and community engagement.6. Call to Action:• Encouraging listener involvement in local planning and advocacy.• The importance of individual efforts in promoting sustainable community development. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.