What's Going On: Kensington Corridor Trust, Forman Arts Initiative & Philadelphia Foundation Art Works

Philadelphia Community Podcast

13-08-2021 • 30分

When you hear the name Kensington – you probably have an opinion about this neighborhood that is known as a center of the opioid crisis. I invite you to look a little deeper as I speak with Adriana Abizadeh, Executive Director of Kensington Corridor Trust, an organization with a unique strategy for creating affordable commercial and residential spaces on Kensington Avenue through neighborhood governance and collective ownership of real estate assets.

I also want to share a lovely example of a community rallying together to clean up a block in the Harrogate section after its block captain was injured in a mugging.

First, we talk about an exciting program to support community-based organizations and emerging artist sponsored by the Forman Arts Initiative and the Philadelphia Foundation. I speak with Phil Fitzgerald, Philadelphia Foundation’s Executive Director Of Grantmaking. I also talk with recipients, José Ortiz-Pagan, a printmaker, sculpturer, painter and performance artist who strives to facilitate community change and SaraZia Ebrahimi, Deputy Director of BlackStar which creates the spaces and resources needed to uplift the work of Black, Brown and Indigenous artists “working outside of the confines of genre”