The Invisible Podcast


A podcast like no other, this is the podcast you can't see. Each episode is an immersive soundscape that gives you an intense audio experience of what it feels like to live with an invisible disability - a disability that is not visibly apparent to others. Created in collaboration with real people who each have a different invisible disability, the series includes their own voices and true-to-life experiences, but instead of hearing someone explain it to you, now you can feel it for yourself. This highly unique and unusual podcast will profoundly change the way you think about disability. This is not a radio play. This is a series of personal experiences. WARNING: Some listeners may find these audio experiences disturbing. If you experience any of these symptoms, please consult your doctor. A Mable initiative for International Day of People with Disability 2020. For more information, visit Credits: Featuring: Nina, Robert, Tina, and Gabrielle Additional voices: Mia, Matt, D’Arcy, Sharon Sound Engineer: John Hresc at The Sydney Sound Brewery read less