Episode Twenty Six | Part One: Anthony J. Tata

Sustainable Leadership and Disruptive Growth

30-11-2023 • 30分

Retired Brigadier General and Tata Leadership Group CEO Anthony Tata joins David Radlo on this week's episode of Sustainable Leadership & Disruptive Growth to tackle pressing global security questions. Drawing on his 34-year decorated military career, Tata assesses whether the world has become more or less safe in recent times. He spotlights major intelligence failures and economic crises undermining stability. With deaths mounting in Ukraine, Tata explores diplomatic off-ramps. Given Chinese, Iranian, North Korean, and Russian saber rattling, he analyzes paths to a safer world. Beyond Tata's public service, he is also a bestselling geopolitical thriller author. Tune in to hear this battlefield commander-turned-novelist apply his strategic insights to today's turbulent landscape.