Yerrabi Australia|| Gentle Steps, Big footprints - His Excellency A. Gitesh Sarma's Australian journey

The Diaspora

25-03-2021 • 55分

His Excellency talks with Akashika about his old and new Australian connections, representing the world's biggest democracy, his special assignment as Secretary West for India with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and leading the 74th UN assembly dialogue on institutionalisation of counterterrorism cooperation at multi lateral level. The last 16 months - gentle steps with big footprints, the strategic empowerment of the Quad and its growth, the Hind Mahasagar (Indian Ocean diplomacy tales for an open and free Indo Pacific), raising a family in foreign service, India's biggest migrant population an advantage to Australia, prospects of India-Australia growth, the role of diaspora, business and government in the COVID- 19 transition. Guest Twitter: @Gitesh_Sarma