GITM 38: An Overdue Heroes Rising Review (My Hero Academia Heroes Rising Analysis & Review)

Get In The Mecha

04-04-2020 • 46分

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising (2019) is not a film I intended to look at for a long time on the show, but as we have a lot more free time, I have had the opportunity to take some time out to think of what I truly believe the film was able to accomplish. Heroes Rising captures the growing independence of our aspiring young heroes from U.A Academy and how they manage to deal with threats when left to their own devices (and yes, this one also takes place on an island). In this epiosde I take a look at the 'philosophy' of the antagonist, Nine, some of the sakuga which stands out in the film and more. On the side I talk about how I sold my soul in order to read the manga, Redo of Healer (2017).

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