CrossFit Health Tip - Caffeine for Athletic Performance with Mark Goodman, MD PH259

Pursuing Health

24-03-2022 • 2分

Caffeine: It’s likely the most widely used mood- and performance-enhancing drug.

However, have you ever noticed that some people are wired all day from one cup of coffee in the morning while others can drink it right before bed?

The CYP1A2 enzyme is largely responsible for caffeine metabolism, and our genes may give some information about our individual response.

Interested in harnessing the performance-enhancing benefits of caffeine? Mark Goodman, MD, recommends you start by eliminating regular caffeine consumption. Then you can reintroduce a small amount approximately 60 minutes before your workout to observe its effect on your performance.  Experiment with timing and dosage, and keep in mind that some individuals might experience a neutral or even negative effect, so it may take a few trials to find the best formula for you.

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