The War on Afghanistan has Ended. What does that mean? | Toasty 66

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18-08-2021 • 0秒

It was abrupt to say the least. In this casual conversation we talk about Afghanistan, Australia and the current state of the White House Administration. Our Facebook Warrior question this week was “Do you think cryptocurrency will replace the fiat dollar within the next decade?”. If you want to be a part of the Facebook Warrior all you have to do is keep an eye out for our Facebook Status that asks the question to Skye’s audience. Head over to Skye’s FB profile and check it out and you could win a Toasty Tee just for giving us your input!

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This is the number one politics society and culture. Podcast that you'll ever hear it's called the toasty podcast. Look if anyone is going to start media revolution it might as well be us. Sky created the toasting bread people in a positive way in which you power independent thinkers such as himself to stand up. What they believe in the podcast. We call that staying toasty. So where does that leave. It's simple really work supporting bite. Podcast great youtube content design apparel that is invaded china. age culture. so let's toasty did sandra bullock. She's still high and we actually started watching that and we. We've only got like we were really tired when we started at someone like twenty thirty minutes in okay but slow going with yeah it's it's like jumps writings about. Yeah all of stuff's already happening guy gets on the phone jewelry like this is already on. We're already doing this. It's crazy dude. But i'm gonna have to watch. Tv h it is pretty good movie. I wanna see right now. I want to. I want to see vice. Do it's a good movie. You have seen it and oh man. It's it's a good dramatization right. So i don't know his life at all I don't know about dick. Cheney do chaney chaney's a bad ass whether you whether you like him or you don't he's definitely a bad ass yeah Really because it's so funny how ally conservatives pin him up like i say like service you know grown up in texas you're in a small town and most of your family's probably redneck and they're all frigging country pow pow. Well those people my family. You'll dick cheney bad guy. Basically is what the narrative there is a bad dude that was always the narrative i dunno as always was while he was hunting. I know i have literally zero idea. I was a kid. I just know that that was the narrative that always you know. But i never really went into doing research and everything. Whatever i he's very controversial. That's maybe that's saying bad dude. You know yeah. He's a politician. He's a politician who got rich off the the middle east conflict. Bom for sure like see. That's that's maybe that's why did i don't know i don't know the guy that will cost movie though so i can get an actual true to live perfect depiction of the. I will say the acting like the acting. That movie's really really good dude. Of course it. Have you seen the rican past shale. Yeah i watched the preview a man. Give me more bro. it's back to the toes. Podcast guys. I'm sky trying to get i