Get This Moment Right: A SOLOCAST For The Year-End And New-Year Transition

Change Proof

02-01-2024 • 26分

We say goodbye to 2023 and hello to 2024! What better way to celebrate the coming of a new year and the end of one than to reflect on what has passed and what lies ahead? In this special solocast, our very own Adam Markel looks back and looks forward to offer insights on the collective experiences shaping the world and what we can do in the midst of it all. From reflections on evolving through the pain to transformative practices called the “Code of Conduct” and the “Mental Diet,” Adam provides a holistic guide to navigate the complexities of life in the year-end and new-year transition. Let this episode serve as a beacon of wisdom, offering practical tools for well-being, personal growth, and positive transformation. Tune in to embrace a new year with resilience, consciousness, and the intention to make each moment count.