The Handshake Deal with Jason Roberts

Jason Roberts

The Handshake Deal with Jason Roberts is a short-form podcast on real estate, entrepreneurship and wealth. Jason is a serial entrepreneur with a focus on real estate, oil and gas and distressed credit opportunities. As the principal of Clear Water Resources, Jason built and operated one of the most successful Saltwater Disposal companies in the Eagleford Shale. In his role as Founder of Eden Development Group, he’s led teams that develop all major real estate asset classes seeking to maximize their value through institutional management practices and decades of experience in acquisitions, development and private money lending. The goal of this podcast is to deliver valuable insights to both industry newcomers, veterans, and long-time operators. This podcast will focus on breaking down deals, market conditions, the process of acquisitions, structuring creative deals, raising money, and much, much more. Follow along, and maybe we'll all learn a thing or two together. read less