Ep. 159: Rodney Alcala (The Dating Game Murderer) & John Addis (Murderer)

Uncovering Unexplained Mysteries

07-10-2019 • 2時間 12分

To vote for Dancing with Ghosts: https://folioweekly.secondstreetapp.com/og/fa7e2a23-b830-4754-9c14-64a349fb271c/gallery/186317885 To vote for Uncovering Unexplained Mysteries: https://folioweekly.secondstreetapp.com/og/fa7e2a23-b830-4754-9c14-64a349fb271c/gallery/186812738 ------------------------------- Rodney Alcala was a serial killer who appeared on the popular show "The Dating Game". John Addis was a man who's controlling nature got progressively worse until it finally ended in murder. ------------------------------- For more Josh and Mike, check out our YouTube channels! Josh: www.youtube.com/DancingwithGhosts Mike: www.youtube.com/OCPCommunications