Under the Bed: Demons, Devils, and Evil Divided


27-10-2023 • 28分

Join us for a riveting journey into the perilous 7 Hells in this episode of 'Under the Bed', where demons, devils, and an array of malevolent creatures await. Our fearless hosts meticulously examine the sinister inhabitants that plague your tabletop adventures. From the cunning ploys of devils to the chaotic horrors of demons, we'll unveil the shadowy secrets and expert strategies for using these wicked adversaries in your game. Don't miss this captivating discussion that promises to leave you both amazed and armed with the expertise to triumph over the creatures that prowl in the darkness. Tune in, if you dare, and embark on an epic monster hunt with us!

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Theme music by ⁠⁠⁠Michelle Poulin⁠