Unleashing Chills and Thrills: Running Strahd with Trevor Fayle of the Stahdcast!


30-10-2023 • 46分

In this episode, we're delving headfirst into the creepy corners of Dungeons & Dragons, joined by the one and only Trevor Fayle from the Stahdcast. Together, we're dissecting the art of running the spine-tingling Curse of Strahd module, serving up tips that'll have even the most seasoned Dungeon Masters cackling with ghoulish delight. From crafting atmospheres that'll make your players question their life choices to mastering the fine line between terror and uproarious excitement, we're dishing out the best practices for creating unforgettable, spooky adventures. Whether you're a DM on a mission to make your players lose sleep or a fearless player ready to take on the unknown, this episode is your ticket to a rollercoaster of screams and laughter. Tune in and let's transform your D&D game into a nightmare-inducing comedy special!

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Theme music by ⁠⁠⁠⁠Michelle Poulin⁠