Ep. 72 : THE Secret of Life

Modern Mindfulness Podcast

05-08-2023 • 17分

That's right, this is a big one, in under twenty minutes ... learn [Rebekka's belief of] THE top tip to live this life to its max.

This solo-cast shares and explores on a variety of topics like :

  • the energies of hustle + flow [including the wisdom of cheetahs}
  • why dropping actual words/labels/terms may help us all
  • coffee
  • your nervous system
  • a chance to have some personal check-in time on how you're moving through your days
  • and of course, THE secret to help us all

The next round of the LIT Living group coaching program kicks off August 21 -- check this previous episode review of the program [a few modifications each round, but the basis is here] >> Episode 36 : LIT Living {Live In Truth} - who, what, why

For more on hustle + flow, >> check one of the first episodes {#2!} here



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