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Make Time for Success with Dr. Christine Li

20-01-2021 • 14分

The first episode is FINALLY here! I am so excited that you have taken this small step on your self-development journey! This is HUGE!

First off, let me tell you...I was a procrastinator for a very long time, just like so many people. My personal journey with procrastination taught me that being a procrastinator does not define who you are. Give yourself the permission to be open to change and understand that being a procrastinator doesn’t mean you have to stay that way for the rest of your life. We simply have to find a way to unlearn the habit!

This podcast is the combination of my own personal development and my professional experience as a clinical psychologist. It’s a summary of my experience with procrastination, how I got there and how I was able to overcome it. Plus, I will be bringing many different viewpoints from experts from a variety of different fields and occupations to help you understand how you can start achieving more, wherever you’re at in your journey. I’m here to help you get things done without the overwhelm and without the little voice in your head saying that you can’t do this. Because guess what? I KNOW you can!

The structure I have for this podcast follows the A.C.E. Model and I can’t wait to tell you more about it, so be sure to give this quick episode a listen. Thank you so much for joining me on this journey, I can’t wait to see you along the way.


[4:26] My personal journey with procrastination and how I’ve been able to overcome it.

[7:33] The podcast is broken up into three components called A.C.E.

[8:00] When we are in true alignment with ourselves, our mind, body, energy, and spirit can come together towards making our goals and dreams a reality.

[9:17] Clarity is needed to guide you to your goal. When clarity is missing, we often feel overwhelmed and overworked which leads to procrastination.

[10:38] Overcoming our fears and knowing we are “good enough,” knowing our dreams can be accomplished is a powerful notion and helps us feel empowered


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