A Capitulation Situation

Thoughts On Money [TOM]

17-11-2023 • 27分

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Growing up, it’s normal to dream about your future. As we grow up, our career aspirations shift, morph, and evolve. Perhaps in 3rd grade, you dreamed of being an astronaut. By 5th grade, you settled on being a pro baseball player, and by college, you find yourself two years into an art history major when your dad nudges you to pivot to something more practical.

In these years of maturation, it is totally normal and probably healthy to leave your options and dreams open. Yet, at some point, setting a direction and sticking to that direction is important.

A good friend of mine was having trouble with this concept. He had tried a number of different career paths and found himself in constant flux. Each path lasted about 18 months, and then he’d shift, restart, and head in a new direction. This can be a tiring endeavor – both for my friend and for his loved ones who were walking alongside him on this journey.

Here was my advice – stick to something, anything. I told him that he wasn’t getting through the learning curve stage of any career, and he wasn’t benefiting from the momentum that one gets when one sticks to something. Time in the chair is meaningful, and you pick up a lot along the way – whether as a plumber or a lawyer – and that tribal knowledge is valuable.

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