When it Hits Close to Home

Thoughts On Money [TOM]

03-11-2023 • 24分

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Have you ever attended a walk for breast cancer? Or perhaps a fundraiser for Alzheimer’s research? A discussion with almost any attendee will lead to a conversation about how this disease or cause hits close to home for them. Whether it’s their own battle or that of a loved one, you can connect the dots from their passion to their support.

Our experiences can drive our beliefs and behaviors.

Last week my wife got in a car accident. I’ll be upfront, it was a fender bender, and everyone is okay. Regardless, it still hit close to home.

We were hosting some guests from out of town. My wife took a few of them to Target for some shopping. I was at work. My kiddos were being a handful, so she decided to drive around the parking lot while waiting for our guests to wrap up. A few screaming kids, a not-so-obvious stop sign, and an opposing teenage driver led to about $4,000 of damage to our minivan.

Perhaps an overused term here on TOM, but this experience was and is game film; actual footage of the collision (pun intended) of life and financial planning. So, just as we would with game film, let’s review what happened and four learnings we can glean from my experience last week.

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